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Details coming soon. In the meantime: http://community.livejournal.com/lj_contests/6918.html
This community, brought to you by Microsoft, is a place for everyone who enjoys video games. Whether you're a hardcore gamer or someone who enjoys the occasional evening with their entertainment center, you're welcome here!

This community is a place to discuss how you get the most out of your home entertainment and video game experiences. We'll have some fun along the way, too! There'll be weekly contests (for more information and rules visit this page), a grand prize, some interaction with other LiveJournal users, and some general fun and games. Be sure to check back often!

The grand prize is big and awesome enough that you're going to have to check the community for more information. Here is a list of the weekly prizes, though, along with who (if anyone yet) has been a winner:

Week 1: 1 year Xbox GOLD membershipCongrats, ballroom!
Week 2: Xbox pointsCongrats, frankiebeatdown!
Week 3: Gamefly subscription for 3 monthsCongrats, ixheartxponies!
Week 4: Wireless controllerCongrats, orangerful!
Week 5: Gamestop giftcard Congrats, jup_reindeer!
Week 6: Xbox points Congrats, llamacicatrice
Week 7: Best Buy GiftcardCongrats, ffxi_isamu!

As a final note, we're going to have a lot of fun here, but please keep in mind that only members can comment and win prizes. So join now and let's get started!