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The BIG contest

The BIG contest

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There's this rumor floating around that in addition to the weekly contests listed in the profile there's going to be a big contest complete with a grand prize. So... what are the details, you ask? We'll address that here!

In order to enter, you will answer the following question in comments to this entry:

How did you fall in love with video games?

Take a bit to think about your answer here. The contest will run for the duration of this community (until October 26, 2009) so you have some time to really put together a great answer. I'll be reminding you every week to think about this question, so don't be afraid that you'll forget!

The Grand Prize Winner’s prize is a Samsung 42" Plasma HDTV, Model PN42B450, retail value $679.99. How cool is that!

Before you enter, you'll need to be a member of the community. You can only win if you're still a member of the community at the time of the selection! You will also want to go take a look at the rules and regulations here. Of particular note is that this contest is not open to residents of Arizona (lame, I know, especially since that's where I live!). You'll also want to make sure that if you enter you have private messages enabled so we can contact you if you win!
  • How Did I fall in love with video games

    When I was a kid, my parents purchased me Pong. I played that game for hours at a time. My brother and I would have competitions til late at night.

    When I got a bit older college age, i played video games as a way to release the stress of academics.

    Now that I am a dad, i watch my kids play games. We have the Xbox 360 and it is great. Video games have always been a part of my life, and we look forward to that continuing in the future.
  • Ever since I was little my dad would always sit upsairs playing pong with my brother, as I got older and had enough to buy a system my first one was the dreamcast! Then after playing Crazy Taxy and Worms all day long, I met a crazy Gamer who would rather play halo than play with his own girlfriend. Halo was world changing for me and eversince then I hae been hooked on the Xbox. I hae actually lost jobs over this system because I would rather be playing than earning money. But to answer the question above as in how I fell in Loe with video games I would have to blame it all on my hippy dad who wouldnt put pong down to eat family with his dinner!
    • Wow! At the end i guess i should of put the truth and said eat dinner with his family, but no lol... thats what i get for talking outloud to myself.
  • I was fortunate enough, at the age of 4, to have a mother who understood that some girls liked to play with video games just as much as Barbies. My first gaming console was the Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES for those of us too lazy to type it out!) with my first love of course being Super Mario Bros. I also liked Duck Hunt, mostly for the bright orange gun and that daffy dog that seemed to find the death of a duck quite hilarious - the big meanie!

    From then forward, through the Super Nintendo, to the 64, to the Playstation and now to systems like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3; my love for video games has never faltered. When you play a really great video game, it's like you're escaping into your own reality.. your own world.. a place where you can be a warrior, a princess, a bad ass soldier, or a chunky Italian plumber, if you wish. To those who don't understand the world of gaming, they're "just games" or they're "just a waste of time." but for gamers - we don't need a 'normal' life. we are gamers. we have many lives (and often unlimited ones, too!)
  • They say you always want what you can’t have, so falling in love with video games was instant for me. It was a forbidden fruit that I wasn’t allowed to touch because all the consoles in the house were my brother‘s and he would say I was “too little“ to play. Then fate set its course and my mom hired a baby sitter who had a NES, like my brother. She saw my interest in the console and decided to let me have a go at it. I played Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros every day that I was there and slowly I built up my knowledge of the games and started to master them. Finally, I convinced my brother to let me play with him to show that I wasn’t too little to play “big kid” games and it became a competitive addiction between him and I. Since he was several years older than me, he moved out and went to college, while I stayed at home going to elementary school. I asked for a N64 for my birthday and got my whole family to start playing. It wasn’t just something that we could do when we were bored, it was something that brought me closer to my family. Since then, I’ve branched out into the world of video games and made several purchases to feed my on going hobby and take complete pride in being a girl gamer. It’s a great feeling to sit back and relax with the ones I love doing what I love for several hours on end, with addition to playful teasing and competitions of course. So I would say my brother jump started my love for the game by telling me I can’t do it and then after seeing my capability becoming one of my favorite gaming companions that every once in a while, though separated by several miles, will take part on playing together (or against) on halo for several hours on end.
  • How I fell in love with video games.

    I literally fell in love with video games when I saw two of my dearest game characters fall in love AND survive until the end of the game. Sure, I adored video games before Final Fantasy 8, but through the love between Rinoa and Squall I developed a strong love for video games. Final Fantasy 7 was my first playstation game. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Mind you, I was about eight, so I didn't really understand the story line I just felt the greatness of it. I thought I was in love at that point in my gaming career with video games. I might have been but the game had other plans in motion. Sephiroth decided to kill Aerith. You know what... Maybe I could consider that as being in love because I was extremely heart-broken after the murder and didn't enjoy snacks as much as I used to... WELL, the first time I fell in love, IN LOVE, with video games was when I watched the ending to Final Fantasy 8 after finally beating Ultemecia (She really didn't want to die). It was really, the sweetest thing I've ever watched in my life and still to this day, Me at nineteen, Makes me teary. Watching Squall and Rinoa reunite, Laguna slyly proposing to Raine all those years ago, and everyone just genuinely happy really changed my outlook on the world as a whole. I wasn't your average happy-go-lucky ten year old at the time. My family moved around quite a bit and I had no father. I guess having a single parent made me think that kind of love wasn't so important since my Mom did pretty amazing without it. I fell in love with one video game which lead to a desire to play more. I still love video games because of the amazing worlds they can create. A world I can effect. ;]
  • Falling for video games

    Being 26 I began my video game life at a young age. I saw the evolution from 8-bit and watch it grow to what it is today. I mean I plyed video games but it was just a hobby, nothing serious until PS2. This were it all changed. Hers the story, I got PS2 and pleyed it here and there, mostly GTA. Then one day my brother, who also had one, bought the online exspansion component to download rosters for Madden which was the only games he ever played. So when he was doem with it he gave it to me and like ok? what the fuck is this? Carrying on I had this thing for about six months not knowing its full potential. During this six moth period I picked up on the call of duty series and started getting into first person shooters. One day I come home after hearing about online paly which I had no idea about. So I look on the back of the COD box and it says online multi player, im like hmmmm how does this work? I go onine and find out how get my PS2 online and realize that I have verything I need: modem, attachment and game. So I proceed to to hook up my system and before i know it Im set for gaming online. Its around 6pm when I get up and playing and BANG im hooked. I played from 6pm to 10 am the next day with only stopping for hit the can or grab a smoke. The funny thing is my mom sees me playing when she goes to bed and wakes up to me playing at 7 am when she leaves for work asking "have you been playing all night?" and I can only respond with uh huh. Since that day I have becaome an online gaming addict, its my favoirite part of gaming. Since then I have moved on to XBOX 360 on a friends great reccomendation and hve been hooked ever since. Video games have been not only enetertainment but also therapy and a relaese for me. I love them and thank all of the responsible for making it possible to play online.
  • when i was a kid me had an N64 and we had Donkey Kong, some racing games, and of course, Zelda. Unfortunately I also had an older sister, who never let me play. So i just got to watch her. heh, lucky me.
    Untill she eventually broke that. Countless time i bought and borrowed and stole and received Game boys. But everyone i got my sister would steal, and break. Then one Christmas i got a playstation2 and my parents bought me some shitty games to go with it. There was DDR, which is alright, i guess. and some good old school Namco orignials and guitar hero, untill my sister broke everypiece of it. Then my friend Gave me his We<3Katamari game. That was the best game i ever got to play then. Then for Christmas i they got us an Xbox360, but shitty games to go with it, no gold card, mic, wireless adapter. We didnt even have an internet connection for the longest time. It wasn't until i met the boy of my dreams that inspired me to earn money for xbox live, and proper games. Now i'm pwning noobs in my mothers basement. All for him. The N64 that was broken for so long, is finally getting fixed this week. Because i took the initiative. I also obtained another gameboy a while ago and hiding it from the destroyer.
    That, my friends, is a story of love, hate, and never giving up on what you believe in. I believe that he will love me. If i kill fucktons of zombies.
  • How did you fall in love with video games?

    As a young boy, I loved playing pong and the other, simple games on the ancient Atari console. This was back in the days of Staughback and Bradshaw, the Iron Curtain and the Doomsday Defense. I had one of those old football games, at the time, with the little plastic players and the vibrating field, and I remember thinking that it would be cool to have a football video game.

    Back then, my favorites were Tanks and Dogfight. I have fond memories of those old two dimensional, two color images and, even though I didn't know the phrases, I dreamed of the adventure and action of three dimensions and first person views.

    Now, I am in my forties and, yes, I love video games. The cherished games that I enjoy today are exactly what I envisioned in my wildest imagination as I grew up watching the industry's products get better and better over the years. The addition of Live Multi-player and Online Co-op takes my fevered childhood desires and satisfies them on a whole new level that I couldn't possibly have conceived of back then. Much like how I believe Heaven will far surpass my capacity to imagine it now.

    I do love video games and I fully embrace my inner child. And, to all those people who are critical of my childishness, I say this: Are you kidding me? My long lived fantasy has come true! I will not ignore my chance to live the dream!
  • Re: How did you fall in love with video games?

    When my parents immigrated from Jamaica I was a year old. I had very few friends in the neighborhood growing up. I had one best friend who always invited me to play video games with him . I envied him because he had an NES, Super Nintendo and a GameBoy. I had none but I spent hours just playing video games with him. I begged my dad to get me a system, so he finally got me an NES, which was all he could afford. I spent hours just playing Super Mario/Duck Hunt.

    I missed out on the next few years of gaming after my parents divorced and shipped me off to Jamaica to live in with relatives. When I came, my dad bought me a Sega Genesis. I fell in love with video games after Genesis. My younger brother and I would always play Sonic The Hedgehog 3. And to make it better I also had Sonic and Knuckles and Sonic 2. Those were my three favorite games to play. From 5th grade to my senior year in high school I acquired a Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation, Playstation 2, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS Lite. After I graduated junior high school, I realized my goal in life would be to make video games for a living. When the Wii came out, my ex-girlfriend and I camped outside of The Nintendo Store for a Wii.

    At the age of 22, I only own Playstation 3, XBOX 360 and a Nintendo DS Lite. Every other system I gave to my cousins back in Jamaica so the could enjoy the privilege of being a gamer. I even play Marvel vs Capcom 2 with my four year old and twelve year old sisters. I enjoyed watching my brother become a gamer and I passed down the love of gaming to the next generation in my family. Gaming has evolved from a simple interest into a passion of mine. Hopefully, I'll end up making a best selling game that will be timeless.
  • I remember as a little girl my mom had a NES and I use to watch her play mario and thought she was just so cool, because she could find all the secret levels and make mario bigger, I remember I would wake up at like 7 or 8 am and wake my mother up, she would grab me a bowl of cereal and turn the tv and the game on for me since I was to small and I would play until she made me get off, later she received the Super Nintendo and it became mine because I played it more than anyone.. and to this day I still own the very same Nintendo system and Super Nintendo Its reminds me of my childhood days and it reminds me of my mother because she was the one that put the passion of video gaming into me. now that I am older I collect and own almost every video game system from the 90's up and I hope now that I have daughter I can instill the same passion I have for gaming into my daughter like my mother did for me.
  • Why I love video games?

    My cousins always had the latest console - but my parents were super strict. I grew up playing things like Mario Brothers typing for the mac where hitting different key strokes would make Mario and Luigi run, jump, and collect mushrooms. It was always a great day when I actually got to play Street Fighter on the Super Nintendo.

    I didn't own my own console until I started working in the Video Game industry at IGN. I am absolutely in love with the Wii and the NDS and spend tons of nights in with my friends battling them instead of hitting the bars. What a nerd! :)
  • My dad was a computer programmer, so while I was a kid, most people didn't even have a computer at their house, we had three. So I grew up playing pc games. Then he got the 3do player which I LOVED and treasured, haha, stilllllll treasure it. Both my parents play video games, whilst my mom plays cuter games such as mario, my dad plays fallout 3, and so I grew up with gamer parents!!!! <3
  • If These Consoles Could Talk...

    I fell in love with video games because I wasn't allowed to play them on account of "early exposure to television stunting intellectual development in young children." Whatever. Thus, I didn't grow up playing games or watching a whole lot of TV, though we did have one in the house. Maybe it's good though, since today, I'm the biggest technology/gaming nerd in my family.

    As a little kid, a friend's NES console captivated me, since it was the first time I had ever experienced something that allowed me to seemingly control the television--a device I wasn't given a whole lot of access to. It was a true "OMFG WOW" experience. Shortly after, and after much whining, I was awarded a Sega Genesis for my 10th birthday. I played that until I broke our projection TV. After that, no more gaming on the TV for me. Or gaming at all. EVER. I was crushed, but I got over it. Sort of. I shortly became obsessed with Nintendo's Gameboy Advance. About two or three years after it had come out (and the price had gone down) my parents decided that I could be allowed to play games, just not on the TV, and so, gave me the chance to get a GBA, provided I didn't play it too much. My GBA and I were BFFs, until a couple of years later when I turn 13 and the family moves to a new home. The PSOne was a surprise impulse purchase at Target, suggested by my grandmother who didn't want me to be bored in a strange, unfurnished new home. Thanks to the PSone's built in screen, I can game, safe in the knowledge that no TVs will explode. As a teenager now trusted not to overplay VG's, *wink*, I mow through several dozen PSone titles, mostly racers, but now I have the opportunity to experience real FPS's and strategy games. I fall completely in love with it.

    About a year later, the PSone seems a trifle dated. Perhaps this is because I have started obsessing over shinier new video game consoles, specifically the PSone's newly minted Playstation 2.

    It's Christmastime, all the ads on TV have instilled me with a realization: I need to have one before the world comes to an end. Thanks to the invention of portable gaming screens, I get my PS2 and a copy of a jet shooter which blew my mind, at the time. The big console style/gameplay aesthetic is stunning. It created the perfect world to escape into, especially when I got my braces (thank you Sam Fisher!). My collection steadily grew. Around that same year, I got my very first PC, installed my first hard drive myself, learned about online gaming, PC gaming, bought the PlayStation Portable, learned about Photoshop, interwebz, LJ, LOLing, etc. My tech knowledge expanded rapidly in a few short years. My collection of Sony console games continued to grow and I started to think more about expanding my console gaming portfolio by purchasing the Xbox 360.

    But before I could that, my family is evicted from our 8 year home due to miscellaneous financial woes that I as a teenager have not been particularly privy to. We're looking to move again, but money is short and U-Hauls are as well. A knock at the door is the repo men and soon our worldly possessions/memories are dumped on a street like something out of a depressing local news segment. It was a blur when it happened but I wish I'd stayed to protect my stuff, but as it so happens, I didn't. So the games and consoles that formed a good majority of my teenhood are gone now, even the PSP which was stolen in an unrelated incident last year.

    Stuff happens. We get over it and move ahead. To cap off a new semester of college and get back to doing something I haven't been able to do for 3 years since the eviction, my new 360 Elite is on it's way (or rather, will be) and I hope I can get as many fantastic years and experiences out of it as I did with my other consoles. I feel, at some point, that I can officially call myself a "Gamer". I may not be the BEST gamer in the world (yet...though I take pride in braggingadmitting Star Wars Battlefront 2 is my personal fragging-ground off AND online), but I love them and I love playing them. I'm looking forward to making new memories with a new year of photographs, consoles and games.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a fantastic gadget like the Samsung and for doing it HERE on LJ.
  • When I think of video games, no matter how advanced the technology has become, I instantly hear the theme to Super Mario Bros. on the good ole NES. Those high-pitched, polyphonic shrills send a wave of nostalgia through me like nothing else can. I began gaming at 4 or 5 years young, my parents all too eager to find something for me to channel my innocent energy into. I found in video games something that would endure until the present -- a place of solace and peace, where I controlled things that couldn't be controlled in real life. Like, I had a job to do in Duck Hunt, handling my blindingly orange plastic gun and aiming with ease at those ducks unfortunate enough to cross my field of vision. After a successful round, I spun the plastic glock 'round my forefinger like an old Western; in the event I lost, I was not quite as gracious and the poor gun usually ended up a few yards from the gaming area.

    Then there's Mario. Well, what is a gamer without Mario, anyhow? Not one of us hasn't been influenced by him or worn some Mario emblazoned skivvies at some point. Or currently. For me, Mario is the original superhero. Before I knew of Spider-Man, Batman, the X-Men, or, yanno, Lara Croft, Mario WAS my superhero! Sometimes he'd have a cape to fly, a frog suit to swim, or Yoshi to just generally ride on and look cool.

    These days, I’m all about the next-gen machinery, but nothing can take me away from the classics; although I may have a PTSD condition related to NES, as when I was 7, my Nintendo died and I cried for a good hour about it. I was never quite the same. But, my grandma ran out to buy me a Sega soon after, where I found solace in Sonic until my sweet Nintendo was reborn and came back to me.

    When life gives you mushrooms, collect them and use them to get taller, stronger, and have a more expanded life-span. Unless you’re a duck.

    Edited at 2009-09-14 10:58 pm (UTC)
  • My first venture into the world of video games started when I was about 6 or 7. My mom and dad had gotten an NES. This was the first video game system we owned as a family. The fondest memories I have are playing games with my brother, back then we had the greatest relationship we’ve ever had. Sad but true, siblings can drift apart. We spent hours upon hours cheering each other on as we scaled through the many levels of Bubble Bobble and Super Mario Bros. Those were our two favorite games at the time. A few years later came the dawn of the new SNES system as well as sibling competiveness. Mario Kart was the new rave in our house; we would take turns racing each other each day in and day out. Needless to say, not all of us went to bed happy but eager to “kick butt” the next day. Then came the N64 and even more multiplayer action, so to speak. My parents would often host parties which gave our friends the opportunity to come over and play video games with my brother and me until the wee hours of the morning and those are some of my greatest childhood memories.
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