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Going out on a slightly more personal note

Going out on a slightly more personal note

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There was a weekly winner from last week who deserved the chance to be interviewed as the featured gamer of the week just like all of the previous winners. Therefore, without further ado, I present ffxi_isamu's interview :-)

1. What was your first video game system and game? my dad brought home an NES when I was 2 years old and put the controller in my hand. people don't believe that I remember that at such an early age, but I do.

2. What do you think defines you as a gamer? I live & breathe video games truthfully.. I'm always checking up on gaming news, even if it's not a game I'm all that interested in. I want to learn everything about gaming.. I'm even employed in the industry. I'm always trying new games and constantly finding something that I love and enjoy playing through.

3. What was the video game and system that really defined how you play games today? probably the first Playstation. I definitely appreciate the Xbox, but with the Playstation (and the two consoles that followed) I really dived into gaming and started to consider it a passion.

4. Who is your favorite video game character and why? Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series. he's one of the most complex characters to ever exist in a video game, in my opinion. and he's just bad ass.

5. Describe your dream entertainment center. What type of TV and chairs would it have? What video game systems? Be creative! I already have almost everything I need for my dream entertainment center, it's just not hooked up >.< I'm a simple guy.. I'd keep my LG HD TV, my Onkyo sound system that is still sitting in the box, my Playstation 3, Xbox 360, & a Wii, and just a comfortable couch or chair.
  • First Video Game that Grabbed me!

    This may not of been my very first video game but it is what I remember the most. Doom. Doom was for me gaming bliss. Run around a and shoot creatures! Wow, I loved that game. I remember playing Doom II and a friend of mine, an accountant, also was playing it, off and on, and calling me with progress reports. One day he called and said, "Listen to this". I heard yelling, and screaming and gun shots, and creatures growling....he had bought a sound card for his computer and was playing Doom II. So of course, I had to run out and buy one also! Wow, that was a great game. I later taught myself how to make levels for the game and that lead to me working for Sierra On-Line in Seattle around the end of 1996. Yes, working in the video game BIZ! I later also worked for Boss Game Studio, and Microsoft on an XBox game (Crimson Skies: HIgh Road to Revenge
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