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Tuesday tips and tricks

Tuesday tips and tricks

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Have you been having trouble with slow Xbox 360 performance? It's possible that if you've been downloading a lot of stuff from the internet (game demos, for example) your cache may need to be cleared. Clearing your cache can help with a lot of performance issues, including speed and funky weird game glitches. It'll also free up some space on your hard drive, which can be a bit of a bous. The big catch is that it MIGHT also get rid of any patches you've downloaded for games (you'd have to redownload them again).

If you'd like to go this route, here's what you need to do:

*Hit the Xbox button and navigate to the System menu
*Select memory
*Select HD
*Select the option to clear the cache

You should see a message if you've done this correctly. It may not fix everything, but it can certainly resolve some problems. :-)
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