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Wednesday discussion

Wednesday discussion

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As a final question for discussion, I think that this one really fits the bill: what are the elements that make a video game "perfect" for you? What makes you want to play a video game to pieces and then start all over to replay it again?

I'll be making a post later tonight about the winner of the competition. Thank you to everyone who's put in their opinion about which entry they like the best. I'm very interested in what all of you think :-)
  • If I can cheat in it to win! ;)

    This is a sad, but true insight into my character.
  • The game has to have an atmosphere/setting that I can get into. If I start a game and I can't get into the setting then I have to stop playing. It also has to have a good storyline and good music.
  • Ok, this one is easy. I have to be able to play for 5 minutes and feel like I did something.

    Right now, if I'm playing a game, there is a 99% chance that I'm playing Rock Band. The reason is that it is the only game where playing for 5 minutes can be productive.

    As I get older, finding time to sit down and play a game gets more and more difficult. I used to love adventure games and RPGs. However, I pretty much had to give most of them up.

    Some FPSs will let you save on a checkpoint. So, I can make 3 inches of progress forwards and still be making progress. However, I can't play 5 hours of RPG before it decides to give me another save point.

    I actually seem to play my DS the most, lately. No matter where I am, I can close the lid and have a complete system state saved until I come back.

    So, yeah, the "perfect" game is one where I can save ANYWHERE. I think it should be a feature of the Xbox to snapshot the system state on a game at any point in time. Basically, the game can give me save points if I can get the option to have a "one time" save everything as is that is dumped when I restart.
  • I really love storylines. My husband got me hooked on them. But like the person above me, I dontt have the time like I used to, so most of the time i'll be playing rockband or some game on the arcade. And sometimes if the online play is good, i'll play that for a while too.

  • Customization and Options - If I can replay things with an avatar or whatever that works differently in a bunch of unique but viable ways. Having 3 tiers of increasingly deadly machine guns or whatever doesn't work, having options for machine guns, artillery, cannons, ray guns, and magic crystal arrows will keep things interesting. Think Battlefront, where you can pick different unit types that can be (for the most part) equally deadly if played to their strong points.

    Blowin' stuff up - That's what I do when I'm stressed. I break out some game where I can slaughter millions of innocent but evil-looking pixels, then I feel somewhat better. Bonus points for bigger guns.

    Good difficulty adjustments - If I am playing something at the top edge of my ability, it is fun, but I get really irritated if I'm interrupted. Sometimes that is fine, sometimes it isn't, and I really want something where I can crush the AI thoroughly by blowin' up their stuff (see above).

    Jump Into Action - Don't get me wrong, I love a good RPG (Fallout 3, Mass Effect, Oblivion), but they don't have the replay value. If you've talked to the guy, that wants the thing, but he lied, so you have to talk to this other guy once, fine. Do it again, and you can maybe do something different and entertaining. The third time it is getting boring. The fourth time I'm good and tired of it. Skirmish modes and the ability to pick a mission or segment of the game then play from there in a variety of ways is best. Bloodwake and Iron Man did a good job with this.
  • I'm not even exactly sure. I just love video games; if it's a good game in general I'm playing it. games I play often are Metal Gear Solid series, and Tomb Raider series, because I like the challenges presented and feel like I accomplished something when advancing, especially in Tomb Raider, with some of the difficult puzzles. then there are games like Left 4 Dead with it's amazing AI director, which makes gameplay different everytime, which is obviously extremely replayable. but, all in all, I couldn't name one thing that makes me play. could be character -- I adore Snake from MGS, Lara from TR, Mario, etc. could be storyline -- there's few storylines quite as intriguing as Tomb Raider! or it could be just fun shooting things in general, a la L4D :P
  • Good graphics, a good storyline, lovable characters, funny moments, have to think. Those are a few things about a game I end up coming back to time and time again. I love something that can get me lost in the world for hours and make time seem to go by without you.
  • 1. Gameplay: If a game has awesome graphics but a horrible combat system, it's garbage to me. I can't play with crappy camera angles or a overly difficult combat system.

    2. Soundtrack: It has to match the game. If it's an RPG, I expect beautifully orchestrated music.

    3. Storyline: That's the meat of the game. One game I played that made no sense was Dark Sector. Just jumped right in didn't know what I was doing. Still don't know what I was doing to this day.

    4. Character Development: This comes second to the storyline. Linear characters will always be linear, but watching a hero or villain transform into something just changes your perspective on things is an eye opener.
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