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Drumroll please

Drumroll please

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I've spent hours upon hours today reading through the contest entries. There are so many amazing entries that it was devestating to be only allowed to select five. I would encourage each and every one of you to go back and take a look through the entries to the competition.

Thank you very much to everyone who participated. I have truly enjoyed getting to know this piece of all of you, and I appreciate all of the stories you have shared with me and with the community. You are all a group of amazing people.

Before I continue, I'd like to remind you guys one more time to please keep in mind that the final winner will be decided at my discretion. I would like to see everyone stay positive here. I encourage positive comments for those who are named as finalists. Even better yet, if you find an entry that you loved that didn't make it go ahead and highlight it here! Just, please, no fighting and no campaigning or using sock puppets to vote.

Now, it is my distinct pleasure to announce the finalists for the contest for the Samsung TV. Click on the usernames to be taken to the entries.

The finalists are...

  • I am completely honored to be considered, and in such great company. everyone had such wonderful, funny, touching stories about falling in love with video games; it was a pleasure to read them all. may the best win, of course. :)
  • omg WOW thank you so much for even considering me to be a finalist!
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